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I Can Summon God is a Chinese Manhua Type Fictional Manga series, that is rated 4.6/5.0 on mainstream manga sites for specifically Manhua Type manga. Currently there are 87 Chapters of this Manga. The Credits/Honors of I Can Summon God Chapter 1 include Author: Let me Laugh, Artist: Chunshuitangn and editor: NekoWithBlank.

This manga series’ main theme is mostly Harem, Martial Arts and the concept of reincarnation. I Can Summon God Fall under the genre of Adventure, Action and Isekai. I Can Summon God is available in Full Color, Long Strip and Web Comic format that can be accessed on almost every mainstream manga sites.

The main concept of the manga includes Reincarnation into the era of Gods and Demons where the chances of one’s survival are narrow. The main character, whose name is Qin Jun, has also been reincarnated from a modern time to this era.

Overview of I Can Summon God Chapter 1

The system of this world also known as Cultivation system; mythical/magical power levels are the scale of strength here. The stages are Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul and Immortal Ascension, Qi Condensation being the lowest level. Each level further has layers. A person gains exp by killing people which helps you ascend into layers and hence stages.

  • Kick-Off

The main character, Qin Jun, who lives in the 21st Century in the modern world being reincarnated in the era of Gods and Demons, in 996, as a prince of a wealthy empire. In I Can Summon God Manga such people who have been reincarnated into some other times are known as Transmigrators. In the very first scene of I Can Summon God Chapter 1 we see the main character, Qin Jun, of I Can Summon God being escorted in a cage by soldiers.

Qin Jun starts narrating the story by introducing himself as the unluckiest transmigrator in history, he also unveils that other transmigrators are on top of the world in matters of wealth, power and fame, whereas he, after being reincarnated as a prince was wrongly accused of stealing from the empires treasury and was now being taken to the border to serve as a laborer.

The main character of I Can Summon God Chapter 1, Qin Jun is in the second layer of Qi Condensation Stage while the soldiers escorting him are in the fourth layer of Qi Condensation Stage.

  • Climax of I Can Summon God Chapter 1

The soldiers stop the cage carriage at some point and start beating Qin Jun, stating that they were allowed to do anything to him. Even after Qin Jun consistently asking them to stop, they kept beating him, and also insulting him in the process like telling him that the weak don’t deserve to like and he is trash and spiting on him.

In this beating Qin Jun unlocks the ability of summoning Gods and Demons which is the main concept of I Can Summon God Chapter 1, which can be deduced from the Name. This system is known as Myth System. This system appears to the person as dialogue boxes from video games, this is also observed and stated by Qin Jun later in the chapter.

Qin Jun for the first-time activation of the system gets one random summon which he uses, by saying Summon in his video game like consciousness, the system starts to load. And as the soldiers grabbed Qin Jun by his neck to finally kill him.

A feminine giggle is heard and a white female figure attacks the soldiers and rescues Qin Jun, The Myth System Congratulates Qin Jun for winning the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox named Daji. Daji is revealed to be a bold and beautiful Lady with an erotic body and features of nine tails like fox ears and tails. All the males there are flattered by her appearance.

Daji refers to Qin Jun as her master, and starts beating the soldiers. Here the stats of Daji like a video game are displayed and she is revealed to be at the 5th layer of Immortal Ascension Stage. Daji beats the soldiers to a point that they are not dead but very close to death. Soldiers that tried escaping were also beaten up by Daji.

  • Wind-Up

Daji releases Qin Jun from his chains after which he approaches a soldier in a critical stage on the ground, He, as a revenge for all the beating he received, punches the soldier, and he dies. Here the system reveals that Qin Jun gained Exp for the kill. Qin Jun regrets and can’t accept that he killed someone but the system tells him that this is how this world works and Qin Jun Ou main character of I Can Summon God comes to realize that the system is right and either he kills or gets killed.

Qin Jun is shown his stats and at this moment he is surprised that even in such an old era the interface of the Myth System is like games from the 21st century from where he originally belongs. It is revealed that the system is calibrated to his understanding and preference. Qin Jun goes through the system and then Questions the reason for the existence of this System and her Chapter 1 of I Can Summon God ends with a mystery unsolved which will be revealed in future chapters.

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  • Conclusion

This was the first chapter of the Manga Series; I Can Summon God, which very properly, in detail gave the reader the overview of how things work in this fictional world; that people get reincarnated, Gods and Demons Exist that can be summoned and how this world functions like a video game, and in addition to this also gave a recap of how the story is starting from where it begins, i.e. the back story of the Main Character; like that he is from the 21st century and was reincarnated into royalty in a former time but got into problems, and the details of how things are going to work further into the series; like how a person needs to kill others to ascend into power levels and summoned entities are like companions.

This purely reflects the dedication and skill level of the writers to provide all the required information about the series in such an elegant manner in the start and ending I Can Summon God Chapter 1 on a mystery for the reader to brain storm about. The rating of I Can Summon God is well deserved and we can clearly see how elegantly the story is advancing into its future chapters, it is definitely worth one’s time.

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