National Cell Phone Outage Today | A Comprehensive Guide

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You all guys use your cell phones daily and use the internet on them. This is your habit to use your phone daily when you wake up. But suddenly a thing happens one morning when you wake up but your cell phone is not working and the internet is down. This thing definitely would be a surprise for you because of why this happened and your nationwide cell phone outage today. On Thursday, we all experienced a nationwide cell phone outage today. This thing is astonishing for all of us. 

The issue of nationwide cell phone outage today

The nationwide cell phone outage today issues happened with Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Cricket, and other services. According to the Down Detector, at 1:25 am PST with 30,862, they saw an outage report. The issue escalated to 73,974 and the outage was reported at 6:10 am PST. 

Calling and texting issues on nationwide cell phone outage today

On the day of the nationwide cell phone outage today, Thursday, all consumers faced the wireless services interruption. The consumers were worried about it because they faced texting and calling issues. According to the statement of AT&T, they announced that they are working on it and the issue will be resolved soon. 

T-mobile nationwide network issues

T-mobile nationwide network issues

The management said that we didn’t face the issue of a nationwide cell phone outage today. This issue is normal and we are trying to fix it soon. The customer said that we are facing trouble in calling and texting. Then they said in a statement that our team is doing work on it. 

T-Mobile faced nationwide network issues but They said that dont need to be worried, our team is working on it.  In the next lines, we will learn about the multiple users that face the issues of the internet on Thursday morning. Let’s move to the next lines and see the issues of a variety of users:

AT&T users

The AT-T users are facing the problem of network issues. So they can visit the websites of AT-T users and easily resolve their problems. The nationwide cell phone outage today disturbed the lives of many people. 

Verizon users 

The version users also face the internet troubling issues and there are calling and texting issues. The users can visit the version website and can easily manage their issues. 

T-Mobile users 

The T-mobile users also face internet issues but these users don’t have a proper mao where they can resolve the issues. They can visit the website of AT&T users where they can resolve the issues. 

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Many people face internet issues. Thousands of people faced texting and calling issues on Thursday morning. The nationwide cell phone outage today disturbed the routine of people because this is an unexpected thing. 

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